Governor Abbott Highlights Talent-Strong Workforce For 21st Century

February 2, 2023 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today championed the State of Texas' ongoing efforts to develop and train a highly skilled and educated workforce through the Texas Reskilling and Upskilling through Education (TRUE) grant program at a press conference at Odessa College. 

"I am proud to be at Odessa College today as we further our partnership to ensure our state has a workforce that continues to attract businesses large and small to Texas,” said Governor Abbott. “The key to a strong economy is having a highly skilled, educated workforce. As Governor, I will make sure every Texan is prepared to excel in the economy of the 21st century by investing in education and training programs for careers in high-demand industries like technology, healthcare, and energy. Together, we are giving Texas students the ability to reach their full potential, contribute to their community, and support their family with good-paying jobs right out of college."

Joined at the press conference by Odessa College President Greg Williams and welding student Marco Solis, Governor Abbott promised to continue investing in education and job training programs for high-demand careers so that every Texan has access to opportunities and resources needed to thrive in the state's growing economy. Governor Abbott also highlighted the success of nearly 30 job training programs made possible by $15 million in TRUE grants distributed across the state last year.

Prior to the press conference, Governor Abbott received a student-led tour of the school's welding training facility and held a roundtable discussion with Senator Kevin Sparks, Representative Brooks Landgraf, Texas Association of Community Colleges President and CEO Ray Martinez, community college students, education officials, and local business leaders. 

Established through Senate Bill 1102 during the 87th Legislative Session, the TRUE grant program is building a talent-strong Texas through the creation, expansion, or redesign of workforce education and training credential programs in high-demand occupations. These credential programs are developed and provided by Texas public community colleges and technical institutions of higher education, in consultation and partnership with workforce stakeholders, and lead to certifications or workforce credentials that create pathways to employment for Texans across the state.

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