Governor Abbott Celebrates Charter Communications’ $1.3 Billion Broadband Expansion In Texas

November 30, 2023 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today celebrated Charter Communications announcing plans to invest $1.3 billion to upgrade and expand broadband infrastructure and technology across Texas in Harlingen. This investment will help Charter Communications deliver symmetrical and multi-gigabit speeds across the state, while also funding rural broadband expansion for unserved and underserved homes and small businesses in Texas.
“Texas is poised to bring broadband to every corner of the state, but we can't do that without our industry partners,” said Governor Abbott. “Today's $1.3 billion investment in infrastructure and technology from Charter will help bring broadband access to more Texans. With this new investment, Texans who live across the big and beautiful reaches of our great state will have the same internet access that those in big cities do. That is a critical tool to keep our economy booming, children learning, and families connected to the best healthcare facilities in the world. I thank Charter for investing in the future of Texas, and for all the work they do right here in the Rio Grande Valley.”
The Governor was joined by Harlingen Mayor Norma Sepulveda; Charter Communications Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Adam Falk, Vice President of Government Affairs Todd Baxter, and Group Vice President Tom Chiang; Texas State Technical College Regent Lizzy Putegnat; and other local leaders.
Addressing a crowd of business and industry leaders, Governor Abbott highlighted laws he signed to expand broadband access across the state, including House Bill 5 during the 87th Regular Legislative Session to help deliver high-speed internet to every corner of the state and House Bill 1960 during the 86th Legislative Session creating the Governor's Broadband Development Council. This year, Governor Abbott also signed House Bill 9 during the 88th Regular Legislative Session, establishing the Texas Broadband Infrastructure Fund that will allocate $1.5 billion for broadband expansion. 
Last year, Governor Abbott received the Broadband Trailblazer Award and the Broadband Champion Award for his commitment to ensuring every Texan has access to reliable, high-speed internet.