Governor Abbott Assures State Of Texas Will Continue Comprehensive Border Security Efforts

November 14, 2022 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today sent a letter assuring county judges along the Texas-Mexico border that the State of Texas continues taking unprecedented action to address President Biden's historic border crisis and urged them to remind members of the new U.S. Congress to fulfill their responsibility to secure the border: 

"Texas has forcefully responded to Biden’s open border policies by doing more than any state in the history of America to do the federal government’s job to secure the border," reads the letter. "In January 2023 when the next Congress is sworn in, we must remind our representatives in Washington that securing the border is the federal government’s responsibility under Article I, § 8 and Article IV, § 4 of the U.S. Constitution. Join me in sending this urgent message to our congressional delegation, which has the power to act under Article I, § 8 of the U.S. Constitution. Texas has done more than its fair share for far too long. The time has come for the federal government to do its job."

Read the Governor's letter.