Governor Abbott Applauds Sen. Kolkhorst, Rep. Simmons’ Intention To Author Privacy Protection Legislation

June 27, 2017 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

In the upcoming special legislative session, Sen. Lois Kolkhorst and Rep. Ron Simmons will author legislation seeking to protect the privacy of women and children. This is one of 20 items that Governor Abbott previously announced will be added to the special session agenda. Governor Abbott thanked Sen. Lois Kolkhorst and Rep. Ron Simmons for taking the lead on this issue. 

"To avoid a patch-work quilt of conflicting local regulations, Texas should establish a single statewide rule protecting the privacy of women and children,” said Governor Abbott. “At a minimum, the legislature should pass a bill that protects the privacy of our children in public schools. I thank Senator Kolkhorst and Representative Simmons for their efforts to achieve that goal.”

“I was proud to lead the way in protecting women’s and children’s right to privacy during the 85th Legislative session," said Sen. Kolkhorst. “The overwhelming majority of Texans agree that privacy, safety and dignity must be preserved in public showers, locker rooms, dressing rooms and restrooms. I thank Governor Abbott for his leadership and I look forward to crafting thoughtful privacy legislation with he and my fellow lawmakers on this sensitive issue.”  

"Privacy and respect for all has always been a hallmark of our great State, and our citizens deserve a consistent workable policy that ensures the privacy and protection of our children and avoids a patchwork of inconsistent regulations across the state," said Rep. Simmons. "The issue of privacy protection must be addressed the same in Houston as it is in Hutto and the same in Amarillo as in Austin.  I look forward to working with Governor Abbott on this important issue in the upcoming special session."