Governor Abbott Applauds Sen. Burton, Rep. Workman’s Intention to Author Legislation To Expedite Permitting Process

June 28, 2017 | Austin, Texas | Press Release | Legislative

In the upcoming special legislative session, Sen. Konni Burton and Rep. Paul Workman will author legislation to speed up the permitting process for local governments. This issue was one of the 20 items Governor Abbott previously announced will be added to the special session agenda. Governor Abbott thanked Sen. Burton and Rep. Workman for their efforts to reduce regulations.

“Some local governments are doing everything they can to overregulate, and in the process, stifle our economy and interfere with job creation,” said Governor Abbott. “One way to end this regulatory overreach is by speeding up the permitting process so city bureaucrats can’t drag out projects and drive up costs. I applaud Sen. Burton and Rep. Workman for leading on this issue that will create greater opportunity for businesses and citizens to prosper.”

"If Texas' political subdivisions insist on robust permitting processes before development can occur in our state, then we must ensure that the process is efficient and completed in a timely manner,” said Sen. Konni Burton. “By setting basic expectations for the permitting process, we will make Texas an even more attractive place to do business. I committed to my constituents that I would take on government overreach, as well as regulations that stifle innovation and growth, and to this end, I look forward to working with the legislature and the Governor on smart permitting reforms.”

"Once again, the city of Austin is using its police power to make businesses comply with their socialist agenda to turn Austin into San Francisco.  They are doing this by making a person, simply wanting to get their building built, to accept their mandate to pay an artificial “living wage” and hire a union front to harass the contractors and subcontractors building the project.  Expedited permitting should be the normal way to get a permit, not the two year process employed by the city of Austin to stop honest businesses from providing jobs.  The city should be saying, ”How can we help you” not “How can we stop you!," said Rep. Paul Workman.