Governor Abbott Announces New Corrigan OSB Facility in Polk County

August 13, 2021 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today announced that Corrigan OSB, L.L.C. ("Corrigan OSB") will establish a new production facility in Polk County, Texas. Corrigan OSB is the wholly owned Texas subsidiary of Martco L.L.C. (also known as RoyOMartin), a wood-products manufacturing and timber-management company headquartered in Alexandria, Louisiana. The project will create 50 new jobs and $211 million in capital investment. A Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) grant of $278,000 has been extended to Corrigan OSB, which includes a $3,000 Veteran Created Job Bonus.   

"Made in Texas is a powerful brand, and this new building products facility in East Texas is the latest example of the resurgence of the Lone Star State’s mighty economy," said Governor Abbott. "Texas leads the nation as the best place to live, work, raise a family — and build a home. I thank Corrigan OSB for their expanded investment in Texas to meet the increasing demand for building materials and for creating even more jobs for hardworking Texans."

"I'm excited to see that Corrigan OSB is considering expanding their presence in Polk County," said Senator Robert Nichols. "The first plant they opened in 2018 created 170 jobs and had a substantial economic impact. This additional investment would create even more well-paying jobs and further boost the local economy."

"This is a very exciting time for Polk County," said Representative James White. "Corrigan OSB’s continued investment in growing the local prosperity proves that the Texas Model of lower taxes, a less burdensome and more certain regulatory environment, limiting lawsuit abuse, and investing in our public schools, broadband, safe communities, and bridges, ports, and roads, works in growing good paying jobs."

"With this new OSB plant, we will be well positioned to meet the backlog of demand for quality building products, produced from renewable, sustainable resources abundant in our region," said E. Scott Poole, RoyOMartin President and COO. "Our growth in East Texas has given us an influx of talent with a tremendous work ethic, a long-term, sustainable, raw-material base, and access to a growing and vibrant residential market," explained Poole. "I could not be prouder to further expand our footprint in the great state of Texas," Poole stated. "We remain steadfast in investing in our people, our forestland, quality manufacturing, and our growing customer base."

"We recognize the trend, and we believe most families want to eventually own their own home in America," said Chairman, CEO, and CFO Roy O. Martin III. "That’s why we are expanding – for the future."

"The partnership between Polk County and all RoyOMartin projects, including Corrigan OSB, has been a positive experience for both parties," said Polk County Judge Sydney Murphy. "We are looking forward to extending that partnership and being a part of future opportunities for Polk County residents and tax-payers. They have been good neighbors to the local communities and school districts, along with providing good job opportunities for local people and graduates."

"Corrigan-Camden ISD is looking forward to working with Roy O. Martin in continuing to cultivate the productive relationship that was forged when the first oriented strand board plant was constructed in the district," said Richard A. Cooper, Superintendent of Corrigan-Camden ISD. "RoyOMartin and their employees set the example of what good stewards of the community should be."

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