Governor Abbott Advocates For Parental Rights In Education In McAllen

April 13, 2023 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott last night advocated for expanded parental rights in their child’s education at a Parent Empowerment Night held at Covenant Christian Academy in McAllen. Speaking to a packed gymnasium with over 350 parents, students, educators, and parent empowerment advocates, the Governor noted that while Texas’ per-student funding is at an all-time high, more money does not always mean better outcomes for all students.

“Many children today are not educated like you and I were when we were kids, inspired by our country’s founding and how it stands out from the rest of the world as the beacon of freedom and opportunity,” said Governor Abbott. “We, as Texans, have an obligation to ensure we educate our children why and how the United States of America became the greatest country in the history of the world. We will not use taxpayer dollars to teach our children to hate our country. Schools should not push woke agendas, period. Schools are for education—not indoctrination. We must reform curriculum to get children back to the basics of learning, and we must empower parents.”

During his remarks, Governor Abbott highlighted legislative efforts currently under way that would provide more funding for public education and teacher pay raises, while also empowering parents to be the primary decisionmakers in their child’s education. The Governor emphasized the need to expand school choice options to all Texas students, pointing out that a majority of urban, suburban, and rural Texans support those efforts.

The Governor was joined by La Féria Independent School District School Trustee Gloria Santillan Casas, Texas Public Policy Foundation Campaign Director Mandy Drogin, Covenant Christian Academy Head of School Milton Gonzalez, Covenant Christian Academy Principal Dr. Maria Bridwell, and other parent empowerment advocates.

Hosted by the Parent Empowerment Coalition, Parent Empowerment Night brings together education leaders and stakeholders to discuss education reform and the growing need for parental empowerment in their children's education.