Safety & Security

The primary role of government is to keep its citizens safe and secure.


CPS Reforms

We are reforming the state's child protective system. We’re adding more workers with better training, smarter strategies and real accountability to safeguard our children. We will also remain vigilant in protecting parental rights.

Safeguarding Students from Sexual Abuse

Texas schools are filled with some of the best teachers in the country, but unfortunately a small number of them have abused their position. Teachers who assault students will lose their license to teach. We will impose jail time and also penalize administrators who turn a blind eye to such abuse.

LIFE Initiative

We are establishing higher standards that reflect respect for the sanctity of life. The butchering of unborn babies for trade on the open market is barbaric. We are criminalizing the sale or donation of baby body parts, while advancing adoption services and supporting mothers who embrace the blessing of a child’s life.

Sanctuary Cities Ban

In the 2017 legislative session, Greg Abbott signed a law that eliminates sanctuary cities in Texas. Elected officials don’t get to pick and choose which laws they obey. There are deadly consequences to not enforcing the law.

Border Security

We support legal immigration – it’s what built America. But illegal immigration, and the criminals who conspire with the cartels, must be stopped. Texas is taking action to secure our border.

Police Protection Act

Texas will not tolerate attacks on our law enforcement officers. We are increasing penalties and making it a hate crime to target peace officers simply because of the uniform they wear.

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Nov 30

Governor Abbott’s Child Sex Trafficking Team Hosts Roundtable Discussion For Male Leaders To Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation

Governor Abbott’s Child Sex Trafficking Team hosted a roundtable for male leaders in law enforcement, faith communities, business, and youth-serving organizations from across the state to share strategies on preventing child sex trafficking.

Oct 24

Governor Abbott Announces Grant Funding To Combat And Prevent Terrorism In Texas

Governor Greg Abbott today announced $55.5 million in Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) funding to support state and local efforts to prevent terror attacks and crack down on terroristic activity in Texas.

Oct 18

First Lady Cecilia Abbott Announces New Partnership With Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission To Fight Human Trafficking

First Lady Cecilia Abbott today attended a press conference at the State Capitol in Austin where she announced a new partnership with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) to fight human trafficking.

Oct 17

Governor Abbott Announces New Funding To Crack Down On Border Crime

Governor Greg Abbott today announced $5.8 million in grant funding for the Border Prosecution Unit (BPU) to help crack down on gangs and Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) along the Texas border.

Oct 3

Governor Abbott Announces Funding To Support Local Law Enforcement And Crack Down On Gang Violence

Governor Greg Abbott today announced $5,158,000 in grant funding through the Local Border Security Program (LBSP) to better secure the Texas border from gangs and violent criminals.

Sep 18

Governor Abbott Attends South Texas College Regional Center For Public Safety Excellence Building Dedication Ceremony

Governor Greg Abbott today attended a dedication ceremony for the new South Texas College Regional Center for Public Safety Excellence (RCPSE) in Pharr, Texas.

Sep 12

Governor Abbott Further Elevates Activation Level Of State Operations Center For Approaching Tropical Disturbance

Governor Greg Abbott has ordered the Texas State Operations Center (SOC) to further increase its readiness level to level II (escalated response conditions) beginning at 7 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 13, as a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico continues to move toward the Texas coast.

Sep 11

Governor Abbott Presents 2018 Star Of Texas Awards

Governor Greg Abbott today presented the 2018 Star of Texas Awards to peace officers, firefighters and first responders who demonstrated heroism in service to their communities and the State of Texas.

Sep 10

Governor Abbott Orders Increased Readiness Of State Operations Center As Tropical System Approaches The Gulf

Governor Greg Abbott has ordered the Texas State Operations Center (SOC) to elevate its readiness level as a potential tropical system is expected to develop and move into the Gulf of Mexico and toward the Texas coast later this week.

Sep 5

Governor Abbott Announces Committee To Support The Military

Governor Greg Abbott today issued an executive order establishing the Governor’s Committee to Support the Military.

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