Texanthropy Spotlight: David Godwin – 2017 Governor’s Volunteer Award Winner

January 12, 2018

This week we’ll continue to highlight the winners of the 2017 Governor’s Volunteer Awards by spotlighting David Godwin, the Governor’s Lone Star Achievement Award winner. This award recognizes the exemplary service of an individual who has volunteered for a minimum of 15 years.

Houstonian David Godwin is a retired volunteer and humanitarian, but David’s service doesn’t appear to match that of someone who considers themselves retired. His longest-running charitable endeavor is the Literacy Initiative for Today (LIFT), at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. LIFT offers English classes at no cost, taught by volunteers like David, and since its inception, about 10,000 adult students from over 20 countries have learned to speak English, helping them go on to better jobs and brighter futures.

David has also served as coordinator for the Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI) since 2002.  The CCI locates host families for high-school exchange students. David and his wife Lucy have hosted more than 75 students from 28 different countries.

After David and Lucy adopted two children from China nearly two decades ago, they became involved in volunteer activities in Houston’s Chinese community.  Since 1999, David has served as a board member of “Families with Children from China”, and for nine years he coordinated a silent auction to raise funds for the organization.  He has taught ESL at Houston’s Chinese Consulate and coordinated holiday events and Chinese New Year to help the families bond with each other.  

David Godwin has performed decades of volunteer service in the Houston area and his legacy of service will continue to inspire others to serve. Congratulations to David Godwin, the 2017 Governor’s Volunteer Awards “Governor’s Lone Star Achievement Award” winner.