Texanthropy Spotlight: Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas (CACTX)

April 19, 2018

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, so it is fitting that this week’s Texanthropy Spotlight is highlighting the top organization in Texas committed to preventing child abuse: Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas (CACTX). 

Greg and I have been longstanding supporters of the children’s advocacy center model in Texas. The Texas CAC Network of 71 centers brings together over 1,000 dedicated CAC staff members, every Department of Family and Protective Services region in the state, as well as Child Care Licensing and Adult Protective Services, over 1,000 law enforcement jurisdictions, more than 230 district and county attorneys, and countless medical and mental health professionals. Together, this partnership of individuals and entities are serving nearly 50,000 children each year in Texas who are victims of abuse. Today, Texas leads the nation with the largest statewide association of CACs, reaching more and more children in need of care, and in need of an advocate by their side.

I have had the honor of touring four of those 71 CACs, and it amazes me how each CAC is different. Each is designed specifically for that community’s needs, but still serving the same mission and purpose, and united and committed to providing critical services to children and families who are victims of abuse.

On Saturday I attended CACTX’s annual Women of Courage Luncheon. The mission of the Women of Courage Committee is to serve as ambassadors for children victimized by abuse through increasing community awareness, promoting prevention, and financially strengthening the coordinated efforts of CACTX and the local CACs it supports. This unique membership program partners the voice, influence, and giving spirit of Texas women to achieve our ultimate goal of breaking the cycle of abuse.

I’m truly inspired by the progress being made in Texas, and I love seeing how communities and community members work together for a shared purpose of protecting the thousands of children who become victims of abuse.

No child should live in fear, or have their dreams taken from them, because of abuse, neglect, or family violence. I’m so proud of the courageous work CACTX does each and every day to serve our Texas children and our families who are in vital need of safety, justice, and healing.