Spend Your Summer Vacation at the Texas Coast

July 20, 2018

Texas Highways Magazine recently published a special edition issue that highlights the charming coastal towns of Port Aransas and Rockport-Fulton and the communities’ journeys to restoration and recovery from Hurricane Harvey. 

According to an article in the special report issue, Port Aransas beaches are ready for people to come and relax. Beaches such as Cinnamon Shore and Mustang Island have many visitors flocking to their warm sands. The waters are ripe for fishing and are full of flounder, kingfish, mangrove snappers, ling, and Spanish mackerels. Nearly 60 percent of all lodging in Port Aransas has successfully recovered from the hurricane’s damage with the help of the strong people in the community and those who have grown up visiting the small, spunky town they love so dearly.

Another town that is making a victorious recovery is the inviting area of Rockport-Fulton. Rockport is rising and they are letting the whole state know that they are “Rockport Strong.” This charismatic town is excited to share its new exhibits at Rockport Center for the Arts and invites you to soak up the sun at Rockport Beach. The doors of Rockport-Fulton’s eclectic boutiques and shops are open and ready to enjoy.

The people of these community came together and united for a common cause: to make their towns even better than it was before. With Texas pride with a spirit of determination, that is exactly what these coastal towns have done. Now, they are welcoming summer visitors with open arms, so get out there and enjoy a fun and safe summer vacation.