Preparing for Hurricane Season in Texas

August 4, 2017

Hurricane season is just around the corner. State and national leaders are preparing, and you should too. This morning Greg joined President Donald J. Trump, heads of federal agencies and other Governor’s from across the country via video teleconference for the 2017 White House Hurricane Briefing to discuss the importance of readiness efforts, which included an overview of response to and recovery from a hurricane.

During the teleconference, Greg spoke about the preparedness efforts already underway in Texas to ensure the state is ready in the event of a hurricane: “Texas is in a constant state of hurricane preparedness, and the safety of Texans is our top priority. The Texas Division of Emergency Management continues to plan and train in the event of a hurricane, and I would encourage all Texans to be mindful of the dangers and always comply with evacuation orders issued by local officials. I appreciate the efforts of our partners at the federal level in helping to build resilience, preparedness and responsiveness in communities across the country.”

For tips and information on what you can do to make sure you and your family are prepared, visit last year’s guest post from Nim Kidd, Chief of the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) at the Texas Department of Public Safety.

A few of Chief Kidd’s tips include:

  • Ask yourself, do you have an emergency supplies kit?
  • Do you know the best evacuation routes out of your area?
  • Have you considered the needs of all your family members if a storm hits, including children, seniors, individuals with access and functional needs, and pets?
  • Do you, or does someone you know, require additional assistance (such as transportation assistance in the event of an evacuation) during an emergency event?
  • Do you have a trusted source of information you can follow if a storm hits?

Chief Kidd also linked to resources available to help you answer these questions, including:

And don’t forget to follow the Texas Division of Emergency Management on Twitter at @TDEM.

Stay safe!