Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

September 20, 2021

For generations, Texas has been deeply influenced by individuals of Hispanic descent. Every year across our country, a month is designated to recognize and celebrate the many and varied contributions of Hispanic Americans. This year, as in years past, Greg is proud to proclaim September 15 to October 15 to be Hispanic Heritage Month in Texas, and I am pleased to join him in this recognition and celebration. 

The rich cultural heritage of the Lone Star State is a reflection of our diverse and storied population and remarkable history. Since our state's inception, people of all backgrounds, from lands near and far, have come to call Texas home, adding to the tapestry of cultures that make our state unique. Long before the days of revolution and independence, the people and cultures of Mexico and Texas were inextricably linked, and we are fortunate to contine to enjoy the fruits of that shared history to this day. From the rich flavors of traditional cuisines, to the distinct melodies of Tejano music, trademarks of Hispanic influence shine throughout the Lone Star State. 

Texas is proud to be one of the most welcoming states for Hispanic entrepreneurs. I am especially proud that Texas leads the nation in jobs created by Hispanic women business owners and ranks among the top states for Hispanic-owned businesses and the jobs these businesses create. Success is contagious, and I know our successes as a state will continue to grow when we support each other. 

We must continue to recognize and support Hispanic Americans and individuals of Hispanic descent as they forge new frontiers across our society. Our observance of Hispanic Heritage Month is a reminder of the importance of embracing our diversity while reinforcing the bonds that unite us as Texans and Americans.