Happy Father’s Day

June 16, 2018

Father’s Day is a holiday I hold dear to my heart as we celebrate the love we have for the fathers across Texas.  It’s a great day to show our gratitude and appreciation for our dads as we remind them how much they mean to us—not just on Father’s Day, but throughout the entire year. This Sunday, I want to thank fathers across our wonderful state for all of their hard work, their unconditional love for their children, and the strength they provide to their families.

There are countless ways to show your father how much you appreciate him. June is Great Outdoors Month, so there’s no better time to treat Dad to a day of his favorite outdoor activities. Travel Texas, the official travel HQ for Texas, has a website dedicated to fun outdoor family activities. This is a fantastic way to strengthen the bond of your family and provide memories that will last a lifetime.

From our family to yours, we send our best wishes to the fathers across Texas who have helped shape our state into the wonderful place it is today.