Get Out and Discover the Great Outdoors

June 6, 2018

I am excited to announce that June is Great Outdoors Month in Texas. The Lone Star State has been blessed with glorious natural beauty from the corners of the Panhandle to the fertile Rio Grande Valley.

Tourists from all across our nation travel to see the beautiful national landmarks in our great state. Texas has outdoor activities for all to enjoy that include—but are certainly not limited to—hunting, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, cycling, boating, camping, geocaching, and wildlife watching. It brings me joy to see Texans and visitors enjoying an active lifestyle and exploring our well-preserved Texas State Parks.

Not only are the attractions beautiful, but they also hold great economic value to our state. In fact, outdoor recreation in Texas accounts for nearly $52.6 billion in annual expenditures while providing 411,000 jobs to citizens across the Lone Star State.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has a wonderful calendar on their website listing fun activities for you to enjoy as you take part in Great Outdoors Month. To learn more about our beautiful state attractions or find a park nearest you, head to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website. Additionally, to learn about other ways you can explore the Lone Star State and our great outdoors, visit Travel Texas.