First Lady Cecilia Abbott Welcomes Women Entrepreneurs To Funding Discussion     

March 7, 2019 | Austin, Texas

AUSTIN – First Lady Cecilia Abbott yesterday delivered welcoming remarks prior to the expert panel discussion on startup and investor funding for women entrepreneurs at the “Girls Just Wanna Have Funds” event presented by the Governor’s Commission for Women in partnership with Austin Woman magazine.

“Whether launching a one-woman micro-enterprise, or starting a small business and hiring other employees, women are looking for the same opportunities as all entrepreneurs: more access to capital, fewer barriers to entry, and greater freedom to grow. And I am proud that Texas offers women business-builders more of these opportunities,” said First Lady Abbott. “The Governor and I truly believe that women who invest in themselves and inspire change in others represent the greatest potential for continuing economic growth in Texas.”

Texas was recently named the No. 1 State for Women Entrepreneurs. Texas also leads the nation in jobs created by Hispanic women business owners, African-American women business owners, and veteran women business owners.

About the Governor’s Commission for Women

The Governor’s Commission for Women provides outreach, education, research, and referral services to advance the goals and initiatives of the Office of the Governor and the Office of the First Lady, including making Texas the No. 1 state for women-owned businesses. For more information, visit