Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

October 11, 2018

During Hispanic Heritage Month, here in Texas we celebrate the many contributions to the Lone Star State that Hispanics have made.

For hundreds of years, Texas has been deeply and uniquely influenced by individuals of Hispanic descent. And today, Hispanics continue to play a prominent role in Texas by forging new frontiers on multiple fronts, from education, to business, and the arts.

Across our nation, a month has been designated to recognize the many contributions of Hispanic Americans. Observances such as this are reminders of the importance of embracing our diversity while we reinforce the bonds that unite us as Texans and Americans.

At this time, Greg joins me in encouraging all Texans to celebrate and learn more about the contributions and rich heritage of Hispanic Texans, and the successes they have brought to this state. Success is contagious, I know our successes as a state will continue to grow.