Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

October 16, 2017

Each year across the United States, a month is designated to recognize the many contributions of Hispanic Americans. This year, like in years past, Greg designated September 15 – October 15 as Hispanic Heritage Month in Texas.

For hundreds of years, Texas has been deeply influenced by individuals of Hispanic descent. Here in Texas, we pride ourselves on our rich cultural heritage. It is a reflection of our diverse population, which is due to the combination of the people who for generation after generation have come from lands far and near to call Texas home. This diversity, coupled with the bonds that unite us as Texans and Americans, adds to the vibrancy and uniqueness of our great state.

Today, Hispanic Americans continue to play a prominent role in Texas by forging new frontiers on multiple fronts, from education to business to the arts. I want to thank the Texans who partook in the numerous events commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month and celebrating the important role that Hispanic heritage has played in making Texas the exceptional state that it is.