Blue Sunday

April 27, 2018

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and all month long, families, businesses, organizations, and communities all across Texas and the United States have participated in events, recognized special days, and worn blue, all to raise awareness about child abuse in an attempt to prevent this heinous crime. Let's continue the efforts by participating in Blue Sunday, which is this coming Sunday - April 29th. Blue Sunday is a day where faith communities all across the nation are encouraged to join together and take time during their service to pray for the victims of child abuse and those that rescue them.

Below is the official prayer for Blue Sunday, courtesy of

Lord, thank you for our children.
For them we pray.

Help us teach them of Your kindness,
Of Your mercy and Your way.

Help us show them of Your love,
Your strength and safety, too.

Help us show them who You are.
Help us to treat them like You do.

Let’s pray, educate ourselves, and volunteer for the children of our nation until black and blue are just colors in their crayon box.

We have placed a blue ribbon on the front gate of the Governor's Mansion in recognition of Blue Sunday, and I hope you will join us in praying for the children who are victims of abuse, and also in praying that there will one day be no children who fall victim to abuse.