April is Month of the Military Child

April 12, 2018

Each April is celebrated across the United States as “Month of the Military Child” – a time for all Americans to show their support for military children and families. Here in Texas, we are also recognizing this month and the thousands of children of military members that live in Texas. In fact, Texas has the second-most number of military children.

We owe a tremendous debt to those who serve to protect and promote our freedom, but it is important to remember that the men and women in uniform are not alone in making sacrifices. The cause of freedom also makes great demands upon their spouses, parents and grandparents, and, especially, their children. In the case of the children, this sacrifice is especially poignant: from always being the new kid in school, to the strain of being separated from a deployed parent.

Each April, we make a special effort to applaud military families and to pay tribute to the bright and resilient nature of military children. Greg and I encourage all Texans to recognize the outstanding courage and strength of military children and their families. You can do so by joining us tomorrow – on Purple Up Day – by wearing purple to show your support.