Coronavirus Executive Orders, Funding and Waivers

Executive Orders

Executive Order 40, Prohibiting vaccine mandates by any entity
Download EO 40

Executive Order 39, Prohibiting vaccine mandates by any government entity
Download EO 39

Executive Order 38, Providing Clarity And Uniformity In The State’s COVID-19 Response
Download EO 38

Executive Order 36, Prohibiting Government Entities From Mandating Masks
Download EO 36; ASL EO 36

Executive Order 35, Relating to COVID-19 vaccines and the protection of Texans' private health information
Download EO 35ASL EO 35

Executive Order 34, Relating To The Opening Of Texas In Response To The COVID-19 Disaster
Download EO 34; ASL EO 34

Executive Order 32, Relating To The Continued Response To The COVID-19 Disaster as Texas Reopens
Download EO 32; ASL EO 32

Executive Order 31, Relating To Hospital Capacity During The COVID-19 Disaster 
Download EO 31; ASL EO 31

Executive Order 30, Relating To The Continued Response To The COVID-19 Disaster As Texas Reopens
Download EO 30; ASL EO 30

Executive Order 29, Relating To The Use Of Face Coverings
Download EO 29; ASL EO 29

Executive Order 28, Targeted Response To Reopening
Download EO 28; ASL EO 28

Executive Order 27, Increasing Hospital Capacity
Download EO 27; ASL EO 27
Download Proclamation Amending EO 27, June 30, 2020ASL Proclamation Amending EO 27, June 30, 2020
Download Proclamation Amending EO 27, July 9, 2020; ASL Proclamation Amending EO 27, July 9, 2020

Executive Order 26, Expanding Opening Of Texas
Download EO 26; ASL EO 26

Executive Order 25, Suspending In-Person Visitations In County And Municipal Jails
Download EO 25ASL EO 25

Executive Order 24, Terminating Air Travel Restrictions
Download EO 24ASL EO 24

Executive Order 23, Expanded Openings, Phase Two
Download EO 23ASL EO 23
Download Proclamation Amending EO 23, May 26, 2020ASL Proclamation Amending EO 23, May 26, 2020

Executive Order 22, Modifying Openings, Eliminating Confinement 
Download EO 22ASL EO 22

Executive Order 21, Expanding Openings
Download EO 21ASL EO 21

Executive Order 20, Relating To Travel Quarantines
Download EO 20ASL EO 20

Executive Order 19, Amending Hospital Capacity
Download EO 19ASL EO 19

Executive Order 18, Announcing Phase One To Open Texas
Download EO 18ASL EO 18

Executive Order 17, Establishing Strike Force to Open Texas
Download EO 17ASL EO 17

Executive Order 16, Reopening Select Services
Download EO 16ASL EO 16

Executive Order 15, Loosening Restrictions On Surgeries
Download EO 15ASL EO 15

Executive Order 14, Essential Services
Download EO 14ASL EO 14

Executive Order 13, County And Municipal Jail Detention
Download EO 13ASL EO 13

Executive Order 12, Mandating Quarantine For Certain Road Travelers
Download EO 12ASL EO 12

Executive Order 11, Mandating Quarantine For Certain Air Travelers
Download EO 11ASL EO 11

Executive Order 10, COVID-19 Reporting
Download EO 10ASL EO 10

Executive Order 9, Increasing Hospital Capacity
Download EO 09ASL EO 09

Executive Order 8, Mitigating COVID-19 Spread
Download EO 08ASL EO 08

Disaster Declarations

Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) Program

News Releases for Select Waivers Issued by the Governor

Expanding Health Care

Speeding Supplies