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Governor Abbott Appoints 12 To Governor’s Commission For Women
Governor Abbott is charging this commission with developing a strategy and implementation plan to help make Texas the number one state for women-owned businesses, to help address the issue of human trafficking, and to help rebuilding efforts following Hurricane Harvey. Within the Texas Governor’s Economic Development Division, the commission specializes in outreach, education, research and referral services.

Women in Workforce Roundtable
A roundtable hosted by Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar discussing strategies to make Texas the best state for women-owned businesses.

In the News

East Texas Matters – The Appointment of Laura Koenig Young 
Recognizing Laura Koenig Young of Tyler, TX and her reappointment to the Women’s Commission for 2018-2019.

KVEO – The Appointment of Tina Yturria Buford
Recognizing Tina Yturria Buford of Harlingen, TX and her appointment to the Women’s Commission for 2018-2019.

ABC 7 News – The Appointment of Amy Henderson 
Recognizing Amy Henderson of Amarillo, TX and her appointment to the Women’s Commission for 2018-2019.

El Paso Times – The Texas Women’s Hall of Fame
Following the story of Ginger Kerrick, 2016 Hall of Fame Inductee, read about the importance of the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame and its effects on other Texas Women.

Amarillo Globe News – Texas Panhandle Women
Highlighting influential and powerful women from the Panhandle region who were inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame.

Infrastructure Magazine – All About Commissioner Nathali Parker
A timeline of Nathali Parker’s hard work and achievements, in addition to a discussion about her most recent appointment to the Texas Women’s Commission.

Texas State Historical Association – Governor’s Commission for Women
A detailed timeline filled with history on the Texas Commission for Women from 1967 until 1991.