Operation Lone Star Seizing Record Amounts Of Fentanyl, DPS Crime Lab Finds Fentanyl In Most Street Drugs

July 1, 2022 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), and the Texas National Guard are continuing to work together to secure the border, stop the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and people into Texas, and prevent, detect, and interdict transnational criminal behavior between ports of entry.

Since the launch of Operation Lone Star, the multi-agency effort has led to more than 270,400 migrant apprehensions and more than 16,700 criminal arrests, with more than 14,000 felony charges reported. More than 5,600 weapons and more than $42.8 million in currency have been seized. Additionally, law enforcement have turned back more than 22,700 migrants from crossing the border.

Operation Lone Star continues to fill the dangerous gaps left by the Biden Administration's refusal to secure the border. Every individual who is apprehended or arrested and every ounce of drugs seized would have otherwise made their way into communities across Texas and the nation due to President Biden's open border policies.


Governor Abbott Expands Border Security Operations, Including DPS Strike Teams, Vehicle Inspection Checkpoints

Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday announced the expansion of the state’s border security operations by creating Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) strike teams, establishing new inspection checkpoints targeting semi-trucks, and the deployment of additional resources from the Texas Military Department to mitigate President Biden’s growing border crisis. At a press conference in Eagle Pass, the Governor outlined ways Operation Lone Star agency partners are adding more resources and implementing strategies to secure all land owned or controlled by state and local governments along the border.

“Until President Biden decides to uphold immigration laws passed by Congress, the State of Texas will continue utilizing every tool available to secure the border and keep Texans – and Americans – safe," said Governor Abbott.

Watch the press conference.

WATCH: Governor Abbott Discusses President Biden’s Inaction On Border Security Following This Week’s Mass Casualty Tragedy

Governor Greg Abbott joined Fox News’ Jesse Watters this week to discuss how the Biden Administration’s open border policies led to more than 50 migrants deaths in an abandoned tractor trailer.

With President Biden eliminating border security operations enacted by President Trump, the problem of human smuggling along the Texas-Mexico border has grown exponentially. The Governor also noted that President Biden has not introduced any plan to combat the cartels responsible for human smuggling and criminal activity.

WATCH: Governor Abbott Addresses Increasingly Dangerous Situation At Border

This week, Governor Abbott discussed with Fox News' Sean Hannity the dangerous situation at the Texas-Mexico border in the absence of robust federal actions to mitigate illegal migrant crossings and criminal activity. Following the deaths of more than 50 migrants smuggled in a tractor trailer, the Biden Administration has failed to address the realities of the issue.

FOX NEWS: DPS Crime Lab In Houston Analyzes Deadly Fentanyl Pouring Across The Border From Mexico

Fox News’ Alexis McAdams tours DPS’ Houston crime lab, where DPS forensic scientists process fentanyl seized from across Texas. Nearly every street drug analyzed by the lab is laced with the synthetic opioid. Most of the fentanyl at the Houston lab arrives in pill form, but sometimes it arrives in a kilo form that contains up to 500,000 lethal doses with the potential to kill hundreds of thousands of people.

DPS Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection At Facility In Pharr Results In Over 25 Bundles Of Seized Cocaine

A commercial motor vehicle inspection at the DPS Border Inspection Safety Facility in Pharr resulted in the seizure of more than 25 bundles of cocaine from a tractor trailer that originated in Mexico. The driver was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute. The total weight of the cocaine was nearly 60 lbs. with a street value of over $900,000.

WATCH: DPS Lt. Olivarez Tells Fox News Biden Administration Is Giving False Information To Americans On Border Crisis

DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez says the federal government has failed in its responsibility to secure the border, which resulted this week in the deaths of more than 50 migrants in a single incident. DPS troopers are seeing an increase in human smuggling events across the border region and expect more tragic consequences from the Biden Administration’s disregard of securing the border and combatting criminal activity.   

Texas National Guard Establishes Blocking Position On Rio Grande With Tactical Vehicles, Riverine Assets

Last week, Texas National Guard soldiers established blocking positions on the Rio Grande using tactical vehicles and riverine assets. The areas surrounding the Hidalgo International Bridge are known for high volumes of illegal human trafficking and narcotic smuggling. The primary mission of the Tactical Response Unit is operations on the river, but teams routinely dismount on the Texas side of the river to interdict criminal activity.

WATCH: DPS Lt. Olivarez Calls For Accountability From Federal Authorities Over Increasing Cases Of Human Smuggling

DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez puts the blame for the rising number of human smuggling incidents on the Biden Administration’s border policy failures. “Why would they cancel the border policies that were working? That’s the question that needs to be asked,” Lt. Olivarez tells Fox News’ Sara Carter.

Texas National Guard Continues To Interdict, Apprehend Illegal Migrants Across Multiple Border Counties

The Texas National Guard has apprehended and referred more than 151,000 persons attempting to enter into Texas since March 2021. Illegal migrants attempting to evade detection make up the highest number of encounters along the Texas-Mexico border with an additional 92,000 surrenders.

As part of Operation Lone Star, soldiers continue to interdict and apprehend illegal migrants across multiple counties along the Texas border region.

VIDEO: DPS Troopers Engage In Pursuit Of Driver Attempting To Smuggle Five Illegal Migrants Into U.S.

DPS troopers pursued a driver in Kinney County who was later charged with evading arrest, smuggling of persons, and unlawful carry of a weapon. The driver was attempting to smuggle five illegal migrants into the U.S.

Texas National Guard Employ Riverine Assets To Interdict Criminal Activity Along Rio Grande

Texas National Guard employs more than 50 riverine assets along the Texas-Mexico border as part of Operation Lone Star to interdict criminal activity. The boats add capacity and flexibility to law enforcement assets along the Rio Grande and allow access to remote areas of land to maximize security operations.