Governor Abbott Outlines Priorities For Texas’ Thriving Economy

February 22, 2023 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today outlined his economic priorities for the 88th Texas Legislative Session to meet our state's growing economic and population needs at the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce in North Texas.
“Here in Texas, a small family business can aspire to employ hundreds of people and become leaders in their local community,” said Governor Abbott. “Our success has been aided by economic tools that have kept Texas the best state for business 18 years in a row. From our large metro areas, to rural Texas, and every where in between, businesses large and small have made Texas an economic juggernaut. Working together, we'll ensure that Texas remains an unflinching economic force in the world." 
During his remarks, the Governor noted that he will work with the Texas Legislature to alleviate the personal property tax burden for businesses, invest in our high-quality workforce, and reform the regulatory environment so businesses large and small can continue to thrive in Texas’ booming economy. Governor Abbott also discussed his infrastructure plans to further prepare for our growing economy and population, including initiatives to strengthen the Texas power grid and a $100 billion plan to bolster the state’s transportation infrastructure.
As Arlington’s oldest and largest business organization, the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce serves over 1,000 members and advocates for the “Can Do” business community of greater Arlington. Their key strategy is to grow their members’ business, foster economic prosperity, amplify the voice of business, and develop their community’s future.