Governor Abbott Directs THGAAC To Expand Jewish Community Support Efforts Amid Israeli Conflict

October 30, 2023 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today directed members of the Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Antisemitism Advisory Commission (THGAAC) to identify ways Texans can quickly report and take pre-emptive action against acts of antisemitism during an emergency meeting held by the Commission at the Texas Capitol in Austin.

"There is a new urgency to what your duties are as members of the Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Antisemitism Advisory Commission," said Governor Abbott. "We face the devastating consequences of the Israel-Hamas conflict, and we are confronting massive and rapidly expanding antisemitism across the globe. These acts of hate and genocide must end. A core mission of the Commission is to combat antisemitism and share expertise and effective strategies to address accelerating antisemitism in the state of Texas. Thank you all here for calling this emergency meeting today. Let me be clear: Texas stands with Israel, Israel's right to defend itself, and with our Jewish neighbors here in Texas."

The Governor was joined in-person and virtually by THGAAC Chairman Kenny Goldberg, Consul General of Israel to the Southwest Livia Link-Raviv, and other members of the Commission. Chairman Goldberg also presented Governor Abbott with a copy of The Book of Jewish Knowledge, which outlines the accomplishments and contributions of the Jewish people throughout history.

During the meeting, Governor Abbott highlighted Texas' ongoing efforts to bolster security and combat antisemitism across the state amid acts of war against the State of Israel and innocent civilians by the brutal terrorist organization Hamas, including: 

Previous significant action Governor Abbott has taken to ensure Texas maintains a strong and supportive relationship with Israel include: establishing the Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Antisemitism Advisory Commissionawarding more than $19 million through his Public Safety Office for security enhancement projects to houses of worship, such as synagogues; and banning all state agencies from engaging in business or investments with companies that boycott Israel.