Governor Abbott Announces Texas Music Incubator Rebate Program

September 1, 2023 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Music Office (TMO) today announced the opening of applications for the Texas Music Incubator Rebate (TMIR) Program signed into law by the Governor in 2021. With $20.2 million in funding approved for the biennium in the 88th Regular Legislative Session, the TMIR Program will provide qualifying Texas music venues and festival promoters a full or partial rebate of certain taxes to help support the live music industry in communities across the state. The first round of applications is open September 1 through November 30.

“Music is key to the Texas brand,” said Governor Abbott. “A vibrant music industry in communities across Texas not only adds to the quality of life, it is a competitive advantage, helping Texas attract major capital investments, culturally diverse talent, and new jobs across many industries. In fact, with support from the Texas Music Office, the Texas music industry accounted for more than 192,000 direct and indirect permanent jobs statewide last year. As live music venues and events in Texas continue to rebuild and come back even stronger, the Texas Music Incubator Rebate Program will help spur further growth and expansion in every region of the state.” 

“The Texas Music Office is proud to administer this historic tax rebate program for Texas music venues,” said TMO Director Brendon Anthony. “This program has been years in development, and we thank our partners in the Texas Legislature, including Senator Carol Alvarado, Senator Donna Campbell, and Representative Geanie Morrison. Through the Texas Music Incubator Rebate Program, we look forward to continuing to provide assistance to Texas music businesses and communities across the state.”

"I am thrilled at the launch of this groundbreaking program, designed to uplift and sustain the music venues that are the lifeblood of our Texas communities," said Senator Alvarado. "These venues are more than just stages. They are platforms for cultural expression, catalysts for economic development, and hubs for community engagement. With this session’s appropriation of $20,200,000, we are not just investing in entertainment, we are investing in job creation, tourism, and the artistic soul of Texas. I am deeply committed to ensuring that Texas remains a place where music and culture thrive, and this program is a significant step in that direction."

“With music's dual role as a cultural hallmark and economic catalyst highlighted by Governor Abbott, the TMIR Program takes center stage,” said Senator Campbell. “The Texas music industry's pivotal contribution of over 192,000 permanent jobs amplifies its significance beyond melodies, attracting talent, investment, and enriching Texan communities. The TMIR Program harmonizes artistic appreciation with economic wisdom, embodying Texan resilience, creativity, and community spirit. This visionary program positions Texas as a leader in fostering a thriving musical environment.”

“After working on this legislation with small businesses and historical music venues around Texas for several years, I’m excited to see the Texas Music Incubator Rebate Program get off the ground," said Representative Morrison. "The program will help local music venues keep their doors open to provide jobs and entertainment for their communities and foster Texas culture across the state.”

The TMIR Program provides a full or partial rebate of mixed beverage gross receipts taxes and sales taxes remitted in the prior fiscal year, up to $100,000, to eligible music venues or music festival promoters in Texas. The rebates are to assist eligible venues and promoters in their efforts to create and support live music performance across Texas. Entities are eligible for only one rebate per tax ID per fiscal year. Future rounds of applications will be announced pending available funds. 

To find out more information about TMIR Program and for applicant eligibility, instructions, and more, visit: