Texanthropy Spotlight: Challenge of Tarrant County

July 24, 2018

Challenge of Tarrant County is a nonprofit that aims to eliminate substance abuse in the local communities in and around Fort Worth. The three main principles of Challenge are education, advocacy and action, with a focus on prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

Just one of the many ways they are making an impact is by recognizing the amazing things the youth of Tarrant County are doing. Each year in April, Challenge holds their annual Leo C. Benavides Awards Dinner. This year they honored 43 Fort Worth-area youth with the prestigious award, and in April of 2015, I had the pleasure of attending and addressing the 17th Annual Leo C. Benavides Awards Dinner, where 34 high school students in Tarrant County were awarded for exhibiting outstanding leadership and servant volunteerism. The things these teenagers were undertaking to help others blew me away. From raising chickens in her backyard so she can donate the eggs to the local women’s shelter, to volunteering at the local children’s hospital and delivering for Meals on Wheels – all while excelling in school – these young Texans are going above and beyond to help their fellow Texans.

Year after year, the youth who are recognized by Challenge with a Leo C. Benavides Award are so impressive. They have shown an unmatched commitment to helping others and making a difference in their schools and communities. It makes me hopeful to see that it is our youth who are leading the way in making the future of Texas bigger and brighter, and I am thankful that Challenge Tarrant County is doing so much to help and empower these young Texans.

But it isn’t just the youth who are receiving recognition for their upstanding community involvement…in 2017, Challenge of Tarrant County was awarded the first-ever Organization of the Year Award from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). Of the award, HHSC said “HHSC is launching an annual statewide award to honor an organization that collaborates within their community to provide services that truly make a difference for individuals with behavioral health needs.”

To learn more about how Challenge of Tarrant County is inspiring more young Texans to get involved in worthy causes and stay alcohol and drug free, visit http://www.challengetc.org/.