Application for Municipal Police Department Budget Reduction

Chapter 109 of the Local Government Code defines a Defunding Municipality and exceptions for determining whether a municipality is a defunding municipality.  See also Texas Administrative Code [1 TAC §§3.9401 - 3.9407] for more information.

To request an exception as outlined in Local Government Code 109.004 (a) (2) and Texas Administrative Code §3.9404:

  1. Download and complete the Application for Budget Reduction Form
  2. The form must be signed by either the mayor or city manager.
  3. Gather any additional supporting documentation.
  4. Submit the application and all necessary documentation via certified mail to Office of the Governor, Public Safety Office, P.O. Box 12428, Austin, Texas 78711.

Applications must be postmarked no later than 45 calendar days prior to the formal adoption of the proposed budget. 

The PSO shall make a determination on granting the exception within 30 calendar days after it receives the application.  

The PSO shall not grant an exception after a municipality has adopted a budget for the fiscal year for which it seeks an exception.