GRACE - Governor’s Response Against Child Exploitation

The Office of the Governor and the Department of Family & Protective Services are working together to fight child sex trafficking in Texas. To improve awareness, service capacity, and prevention efforts, the GRACE initiative empowers communities of faith across Texas, complementing the agencies’ shared vision of a statewide Network of Nurture to meet the needs of children and their families.


Faith communities can increase awareness in their congregations and larger communities by educating on how to identify, respond to, and prevent trafficking.

The following videos and resources are suitable for mature audiences: 

Other targeted toolkits for leaders of multiple faiths and their communities:

The Department of Family and Protective Services has partnered with Shared Hope International to help Texas congregations learn how to protect their youth and give them tools to protect their community. Learn more by emailing


GRACE encourages faith communities to move from awareness to action to meet the unique needs of their local area. Each community has an opportunity to discern its contribution through prayer, awareness, supporting victim services, or moving upstream into prevention activities.

If you would like information on supporting children in foster care, contact your local DFPS faith-based specialist.

The Governor's Child Sex Trafficking Team (CSTT) has regional administrators across the state who can help educate faith communities and connect them with relevant stakeholders. 

In addition, local anti-trafficking coalitions welcome partnerships with faith communities to strengthen local efforts.