Aging Texans

Texas Law

  • Supports placement options that allow aging Texans in need of care to "age in place."
  • Provides for a Program for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE).
  • Provides for criminal history record-keeping and reporting standards on people who have been accused of abusing a person who is elderly.
  • Allows the Department of Protective and Family Services to use an emergency order to provide protective services to a person who is elderly and who is unable to consent to these services.
  • Makes the deliberate false accusation of abuse of a person who is elderly a Class A misdemeanor. 
  • Provides for means of planning for potential disability, including the use of durable powers of attorney, living trusts, living wills, advanced directives, and other means of delegating decision-making powers and management of assets in case of incapacity. For more on these options, see our Guardianship section and our Health Care Directives section.
  • Protects employees and job applicants who are 40 years of age or older from discrimination in the workplace based on age.
  • Administers the Medicare, Medicaid, and other public assistance programs through the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.