Texas leads the nation as an economic powerhouse, adding nearly 1 million jobs over the last four years, setting record lows for unemployment and attracting more people and corporate expansion and relocation projects than any other state.

As we begin this historic legislative session, we are called upon by the people of this great state to dare greatly. To address the challenges Texans cannot solve themselves. To make Texas even freer, stronger, safer and smarter.

All of this we can do. All of this we must do. Because we live in the greatest state in America, and we have an obligation to make it even better.

Governor Abbott

Expanding Economic Opportunity

We must do more to lighten the burden of government and expand economic opportunity by:

  • Limiting skyrocketing property tax increases
  • Prohibiting unfunded mandates on cities and counties
  • Increasing taxpayer power in the property appraisal process
  • Reducing regulatory hurdles
  • Improving opportunities for advancement through licensing reform

Elevating Education

We must do more to educate the next generation and ensure destiny is not determined by zip code by:

  • Increasing teacher pay and rewarding achievement
  • Increasing the State’s share of education funding
  • Prioritizing classroom spending
  • Improving student outcomes
  • Ensuring college- and career-readiness

Ensuring Public Safety

We must do more to keep our schools, our families and our communities secure by:

  • Improving school safety, including mental and behavioral health services
  • Combatting human trafficking and gang activity
  • Securing our border

Envisioning a Stronger Tomorrow

Together, we will keep Texas the greatest state in America by:

  • Mitigating the impact of future natural disasters
  • Supporting our veterans and military communities
  • Keeping Texas the best state to raise a family, build a business and live a life of promise