Demografía para Educación de Adultos

Detailed demographic analyses may be used in program planning and improvement efforts by local workforce boards, state agencies, community and technical colleges, policy analysts, and other workforce system stakeholders. The map below is supported by Council research that focuses on the adult education population. The most recent report was published in 2018, with assistance from the Office of the State Demographer. Entitled Understanding the Need for Adult Education in Texas, the report includes analyses of the current population in need of adult education services, a detailed estimate of the future need for services based on growth projections for the Texas population, and the geographic dispersion of need in Texas by local workforce development areas (LWDA). See the appendices in the full report for detailed demographic data for each LWDA. Summary of Understanding the Need for Adult Education in Texas

Individuals Eligible for Adult Education Services by LWDA, 2017

Adult Education 2017 Map by Local Workforce Development Area