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The Accessibility and Disability Policy Webinars are free, real-time captioned sessions held on a monthly basis that cover a variety of topics regarding people with disabilities in ten issue areas. Topics of interest can benefit employers, governmental entities, service providers and individuals with disabilities.

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Get Help: Stay Housed Through the Texas Rent Relief Program

Presented on May 25, 2021
Are you behind on rent or utility bills? The Texas Rent Relief Program (TRR) is here to help tenants impacted by COVID-19 catch up. This webinar contains a program overview and description of how to apply. We will focus on sharing how our program can help persons with disabilities facing housing instability or eviction. Whether you are a landlord, caregiver, service-based organization, friend or relative, you can help a fellow Texan neighbor stay housed. 

From Accessible Parking to Housing Vouchers: An Overview of Fair Housing Topics

Presented on April 9, 2021

This session will provide participants an overview of fair housing laws and how they impact people with disabilities. Presenters will cover accessible parking, resources for modifications, service animals or emotional support animals, how to make a complaint, and more. Presented by: Nathan Darus, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs; Cate Tracz, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs; and Jeffrey Riddle, Texas Workforce Commission, Civil Rights Division.

Visitability: Building Today's Housing for Tomorrow

Presented on February 23, 2021
"Visitability" is a growing trend in residential building codes, but what does the term actually mean? Typically used in reference to how easy it is for a person with a disability to access an owner-occupied single-family home, a house must meet at least three basic requirements before it is considered "visitable". Join us Tuesday, February 23rd at 2:00pm for a 90-minute webinar as we explore just what makes a home visitable, how to bring it to your community, and why it is so crucial when it comes to design. Panelists will also answer questions at the end of the webinar. Examples of what makes a visitable home includes things like having a no-step entrance, a wheelchair accessible bathroom on the main floor, and doors wide enough to provide for wheelchair passage. Register today and join us to learn how visitability benefits everyone!