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Here is a sample letter and copies of suggested public service announcements that can be forwarded to local radio stations to assist in the promotion of Crime Stoppers Month. This letter is from the coordinator, but there is no reason why it cannot be sent by a board member.  Sincerely, Cal Millar, Board members, Toronto Crime Stoppers.

Program Director:
Radio Station name:
Street Address, City, State, ZIP

Dear Sir:

I am writing as coordinator of (insert name of program) to advise that January is Crime Stoppers month and to ask your assistance by promoting our program on your radio station. It will be greatly appreciated if your station could broadcast public service messages during January to acknowledge Crime Stoppers Month and highlight our crime fighting initiatives.

For your information, Crime Stoppers is a partnership involving the police, the community and the media with the aim of solving crime and keeping our streets safe. Since the inception of (town, city or region) Crime Stoppers program in (date), we have had an impressive record of success and have assisted the (Name of local police agency) in a number of areas, including efforts to curtail crime in schools (or list any other project).

I would like to thank you for considering this request and have enclosed some examples of public service announcements that have been broadcast by radio stations across North America. Should you have any questions, please contact me at (insert phone number).

We will officially launch Crime Stoppers Month in early January and during that period we will release our annual statistics. On a broader scale, the more than 1,000 Crime Stoppers programs around the world on an accumulative basis have cleared almost 800,000 cases, recovered some $1.2 billion in stolen property and provided information that has led to the recovery of approximately $3.5 billion in illegal drugs. Tips to programs worldwide have also resulted in more than 250,000 arrests. These are impressive statistics and demonstrate the effectiveness of Crime Stoppers. However, I want to impress upon you that we wouldn’t have such success without the cooperation of the various media outlets in (name of community).

Again, thank you.


(Coordinator’s name)
name of program
city, state, zip

Here are the samples of radio spots… Crime Stoppers Public Service Announcements

Are you fed up with criminals ripping off or damaging your property? Are you frustrated by the growing presence of drugs in the community? Do you want to make (insert community name) a safer and more enjoyable place to live? The answer is yes and Crime Stoppers offers the solution. Call Crime Stoppers if you have information about unsolved crime. Callers do not have to give their names. To reach Crime Stoppers call our toll free number (telephone number). This public service announcement is broadcast by this station to show support for Crime Stoppers during Crime Stoppers Month.

January is Crime Stoppers Month. Show your support of this community crime fighting organization with cash and tips. If you know someone involved in criminal activity, call Crime Stoppers. Your information may be the piece of the puzzle needed by police to solve a crime. Do your part to keep our streets safe.

Crime Stoppers has solved murders, bank robberies, muggings and thefts in (insert city name). January is Crime Stoppers Month. Show your support of this community crime fighting organization with a donation to the reward fund. Crime Stoppers pays up to (amount) dollars for information leading to an arrest. Crime Stoppers is doing its part to put criminals behind bars. Please help with a donation to make sure money is available to pay for tips. This message is presented as a public service by this radio station to show its support of Crime Stoppers Month.

Fighting crime is everyone’s business. That doesn’t mean you have to get out and patrol the streets with the police. You just have to remember Crime Stoppers. As a member of the community you can join the Crime Stoppers partnership if you know anything about an unsolved crime. You can also assist by making a donation to the reward fund. January is Crime Stoppers Month. Support (insert city’s name) Crime Stoppers program. This message is brought to you as a public service by this radio station.

Did you know that eighty percent of crime in our community is drug related. Criminals are committing crimes to support their drug habits. With your help we can crack down on drugs and crime. Hi, I am (insert coordinator’s name) of (insert program name) if you know anyone involved in drug related activity call Crime Stoppers. January is Crime Stoppers Month and we are asking for your help.