What Experts Are Saying About Governor Abbott’s State Of The State Speech

February 17, 2015 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

DPSOA’s Gary Chandler: “The Department Of Public Safety Officers Association (DPSOA) Commends Governor Abbott For His Plan To Secure The Border And Keep Our Communities Safe.”  “The Department of Public Safety Officers Association (DPSOA) commends Governor Abbott for his plan to secure the border and keep our communities safe. It is clear that Governor Abbott recognizes the threat posed by drug cartels and trans-national gangs who seek to import drugs, violence, human smuggling and trafficking operations into our state. We appreciate Governor Abbott working closely with DPS on his border security plan and look forward to working with and supporting the Governor in his efforts to protect the safety of all Texas citizens.” (Sgt. Gary Chandler, President Of The Department Of Publican Safety Officers Association, 2/17/15)

Move Texas Forward’s Scott Haywood: “By Declaring Transportation Funding As An Emergency Item, Governor Abbott Is Demonstrating His Commitment To Securing Much-Needed Funding For Texas Highways.”  “Strong and reliable transportation networks are critical to the ongoing success of the Texas economy and to the quality of life of all Texans. By declaring transportation funding as an emergency item, Governor Abbott is demonstrating his commitment to securing much-needed funding for Texas highways. The Governor’s transportation plan ensures that long-term, reliable transportation funding is available to build and maintain the state’s transportation system, providing better mobility for citizens and commerce. This proposal has a great deal of support across the state and we look forward to working with the Governor and Legislature on this important issue.” (Scott Haywood, President, Move Texas Forward, 2/17/15)

TAB’s Steve Sorrells: “Governor Greg Abbott Has Demonstrated His Dedication To A Critical Need Of Our Growing Population And His Commitment To Maintaining Our State’s Strong Business Climate By Advocating For A Budget That Will Commit Additional Funds To Transportation Infrastructure.” “Governor Greg Abbott has demonstrated his dedication to a critical need of our growing population and his commitment to maintaining our state’s strong business climate by advocating for a budget that will commit additional funds to transportation infrastructure,” said Steve Sorrells, TAB President and a Waco home builder. “Home builders and home owners alike understand that addressing the transportation needs of Texas is a significant priority. As thousands of individuals and families move to Texas each day, our roads and highways require additional funding to keep the Texas economy moving in the right direction.” (Steve Sorrells, President, Texas Association Of Builders, 2/17/15)

TIPRO’s Ed Longanecker: “We Commend Governor Abbott For His Continued Commitment To Funding Our State Transportation Needs, Protecting Texas Citizens, And Supporting Continued Commerce Across All Industries.” “We commend Governor Abbott for his continued commitment to funding our state transportation needs, protecting Texas citizens, and supporting continued commerce across all industries, including oil and natural gas development,” said Ed Longanecker, president of the Texas Independent Producer & Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO). “This issue is of paramount importance, particularly in the areas of the state that have experienced an increase in oil and gas production in recent years. TIPRO remains focused on supporting measures that effectively address these needs by utilizing our existing tax revenue base.” (Ed Longanecker, President, Texas Independent Producer and Royalty Owners Association, 2/17/15)

TXOGA’s Todd Staples: “The Texas Oil & Gas Association Applauds Governor Abbott For Recognizing That Long-Term, Sustainable Funding For Transportation Infrastructure Is Critical To The Texas Economy.” “The Texas Oil & Gas Association applauds Governor Abbott for recognizing that long-term, sustainable funding for transportation infrastructure is critical to the Texas economy. To keep up with unprecedented growth, expanded transportation infrastructure in Texas is a must-have. Last year, Texas voters overwhelmingly passed Prop 1 to use existing oil and natural gas tax revenue to address some of our state’s transportation needs. The oil and gas industry is proud to be contributing so significantly to the state’s critical infrastructure needs. Governor Abbott is right that Prop 1 is only step one in addressing our ever-growing transportation infrastructure needs. We agree that Texas should direct a portion of the state’s vehicle sales taxes to the state highway fund and we applauded Senator Nichols when he introduced this concept in SB5 and SJR5. Using existing tax revenue to fund transportation infrastructure projects is smart public policy.” (Todd Staples, President, Texas Oil And Gas Association, 2/17/15)

TXTA’s John D. Esparza: “Gov. Abbott Sent A Clear Message On The Essentiality Of A Safe And Well Maintained Highway System, The Foundation That Connects All Texans To All Places Of This Great State.” “Today, Gov. Abbott sent a clear message on the essentiality of a safe and well maintained highway system, the foundation that connects all Texans to all places of this great state.  Not only is the state's economy riding on these roads, but so are our citizens, and we must invest in infrastructure to keep freight and Texans moving safely.  Texas Trucking Association applauds Gov. Abbott for his commitment and understanding of the need for sustainable revenue sources to establish long-term, multi-year projects.” (John D. Esparza, President and CEO, Texas Trucking Association, 2/17/15)

TAM’s Tony Bennett: “The Texas Association Of Manufacturers Applauds Governor Abbott’s Focus On Transportation And Property Tax Relief As Critical Components To Continued Economic Prosperity In Texas.” “The Texas Association of Manufacturers applauds Governor Abbott’s focus on transportation and property tax relief as critical components to continued economic prosperity in Texas. We agree that Proposition 1, passed by voters in November 2014, was a critical first step to help Texas maintain the nation’s #1 rank for job creation and exporting.  Prop 1 is a constitutional amendment to authorize money from the State’s Rainy Day Fund to be directed to the State Highway Fund.  Likewise, we are encouraged that Governor Abbott recognizes that Prop 1 doesn’t address all of our transportation needs and that additional, sustainable funding solutions to our highway infrastructure needs are necessary.  Governor Abbott is on the right track in addressing infrastructure needs in ways that don’t increase taxes and that dedicate existing tax revenue toward transportation projects.” (Tony Bennett, President, Texas Association of Manufacturers, 2/17/15)

TVC’s Al Cantu: “Governor Abbott Understands The Important Issues Veterans Face In Texas. In His Short Time As Governor, His Continued Focus On Veterans Issues Shows That He Will Remain Informed And Active In The Veteran Community.” (Al Cantu, Chairman, Texas Veterans Commission, 2/17/15)

TCVO’s Morgan Little: “The Texas Coalition Of Veterans Organizations Is Pleased To Offer Our Support To The Veteran Related Legislative Priorities Spelled Out In The State Of The State Address.” “On Tuesday 17 February 2015 Governor Greg Abbott presented the State of the State address in the Texas House Chambers.  The Texas Coalition of Veterans Organizations is pleased to offer our support to the veteran related legislative priorities spelled out in the State of the State address. Key among the priority legislative issues directly affecting all generations of Texas veterans include mental health initiatives, a significantly reduced Veteran business franchise tax, and defense of the education benefits in the Hazlewood Act currently available to veterans who entered military service from Texas. The Texas Coalition of Veterans Organizations appreciates the support and commitment from Governor Abbott to actively promote these key legislative issues, and we pledge our support to Governor Abbott in working with him and his staff in making these initiatives into new law or refinement during the 84th Texas Legislature.” (Morgan Little, Chair, Texas Coalition Of Veterans Organizations, 2/17/15)

Texas Veterans Of Foreign Wars: “The Texas Veterans Of Foreign Wars Fully Supports Governor Greg Abbott’s Initiatives For Texas Veterans As Stated In The Governor’s State Of The State Speech Earlier Today At The State Capitol.” “The Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars fully supports Governor Greg Abbott’s initiatives for Texas Veterans as stated in the Governor’s State of the State speech earlier today at the State Capitol. With almost 2 million veterans, active duty military, Reserve and National Guard and their families residing here in Texas, Governor Abbott’s initiatives are a good starting point for Texas to continue its strong support of our veterans, service members and their families. (Texas Veterans Of Foreign Wars, 2/17/15)

Americans For Prosperity-Texas: “Gov. Abbott Is Right That When Parents Have Choices, Students Win.” “Empowering parents to choose their children’s school and providing ratings that will help parents make informed decisions are issues important to Texans. Gov. Abbott is right that when parents have choices, students win.   Regarding opposition to school choice, Gov. Abbott questioned if they are working for the students or for the status quo. We support Sen. Donna Campbell’s school choice legislation (SB 276) which empowers more parents.” (Americans For Prosperity, 2/17/15)

The College Board’s Richard Middleton: “The College Board Is Proud To Work With The Governor And Legislators From Both Parties To Ensure That All Students With The Potential To Succeed In AP Courses Are Able To Access Those Opportunities.” “In today’s State of the State Address, Governor Abbott reaffirmed the importance of the Advanced Placement Program to the state’s education efforts and economic vitality. The College Board is proud to work with the Governor and legislators from both parties to ensure that all students with the potential to succeed in AP courses are able to access those opportunities. Research clearly shows that challenging coursework in high school is a vital component in helping students succeed as they transition to college and beyond.” (Richard Middleton, Vice President, College Board Southwestern Regional Office, 2/17/15)

Texans For Education Reform: “We Applaud @Govabbott Vision To Create The Best Public Education System In America. Learn More: Http://Texansforeducationreform.Com/Our-Priorities  #TxSotS” (Twitter.com, 2/17/15)

Families Empowered:  “Thanks, Gov. @Gregabbott_Tx, For Supporting Keisha Riley And All #Texans Exercising Their #SchoolChoice Options!” (Twitter.com, 2/17/15)

Texas Retailers Association: “TRA Applauds @Govabbott's Budget Priorities, Improving Schools & Building More Highways While Reducing Business Taxes. #Txlege #Txsots” (Twitter.com, 2/17/15)