WEB VIDEO: Governor Abbott Paves Way For Historic Transportation Funding Increase

June 3, 2015 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

The Office of Governor Greg Abbott today released a web video highlighting Governor Abbott’s transportation funding initiative, which he named as an emergency item this legislative session, and the resulting legislation enacting his plan to build more roads without raising fees, taxes, tolls or debt. The Governor signed several bills on Wednesday that will implement his initiative and stated his support for SJR 5, which, if approved by voters this November, will represent the single largest increase in transportation funding in Texas history.

“Not only are we dedicating more money to building roads, we’re also ending diversions and as a result, providing greater transparency,” said Governor Abbott. “This legislation will have a tremendous and positive impact on the lives of people across the State of Texas.”

Watch the video.

Web Video Script:

GOVERNOR ABBOTT: The voters – they are tired of being stuck in traffic. They want more roads.

It was Governor Greg Abbott’s remarks on transportation that drew the most attention. (KPRC-TV, Houston)

He’s promised to build up our highways. (KXAN-TV, Austin)

His budget this year earmarks $4 billion for new roads in Texas. (KPRC-TV, Houston)

GOVERNOR ABBOTT: Tax dollars paid for roads should be spent on building more roads.

That’s a reference to highway diversions, or rerouting money from roads to other departments. (KXAN-TV, Austin)

Today the Texas Senate passed a bill that would use money from the state’s existing Motor Vehicle Sales Tax to pay for highways. (KXAN-TV, Austin)

GOVERNOR ABBOTT: Not only are we dedicating more money to spending on building roads, but we’re also ending diversions, and as a result providing greater transparency. And I’m going to sign this legislation with pride, knowing the tremendous effect it will have on the lives of the people across the State of Texas.