Governor Abbott Touts Nationwide School Choice Success In San Antonio

April 14, 2023 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott last night championed support for school choice and highlighted the educational success in states across the country that have implemented school choice policies during a Parent Empowerment Night held at Saint Mary Magdalen School in San Antonio. Addressing over 300 parents, students, educators, and parent empowerment advocates, the Governor also discussed how public schools will remain fully funded for every Texas student with expanded school choice.
“Education choice already exists in a majority of states in the United States, and it hasn’t defunded public schools in those areas,” said Governor Abbott. “Success among other states have shown that school choice does not destroy public schools, it actually improves public schools. States who have implemented school choice now rank among the best for their students, and we want to achieve the very best for our students right here in Texas. This session, we will pass this school choice program while at the same time provide more funding than ever before for public education.”  
During his speech, Governor Abbott emphasized that he has authorized more funding for public schools and teacher pay raises than any other governor in Texas history. He also noted efforts by the Texas Legislature to empower parents to choose the best education option for their child through expanded Education Saving Accounts for all Texas students. Additionally, Governor Abbott highlighted that a majority of urban, suburban, and rural Texans support giving parents access to school curriculum, school libraries, and what their child is being taught in the classroom.
The Governor was joined by State Board of Education member LJ Francis, Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, Saint Mary Magdalen School Principal William Daily, Saint Mary Magdalen School Pastor Reverend William Combs, and other parent empowerment advocates.
Parent Empowerment Night brings together education leaders and stakeholders to discuss education reform and the growing need for parental empowerment in their children’s education.