Governor Abbott Releases 2024 Report To The People Of Texas

March 12, 2024 | Austin, Tx | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today released his 2024 Report to the People of Texas looking back over all that was accomplished in 2023—a year of historic firsts—and sharing his vision for the year ahead. Released in interim years when the Texas Legislature does not meet and no formal State of the State address is given, this is the Governor’s fifth Report to the People since taking office in 2015.

“We live in a state of infinite possibilities,” said Governor Abbott. “Freedom and opportunity are deeply rooted in the history of our great state. As a result, the Texas of today is where innovation flourishes, where hard work is rewarded, and where Texans prosper.”

The Report to the People features updates on the Governor’s initiatives and budget priorities to ensure a brighter, safer, freer, and more prosperous Texas, as well as a summary of impactful legislation Governor Abbott signed into law following the 88th Legislative Sessions, including the largest property tax cut ever in the history of Texas. 

Following a year of smashing record after record for total jobs, the number of Texans working, and the size of the Texas labor force, the Report provides an overview of the state’s nation-leading economic dominance, along with a summary of programs within the Office of the Governor dedicated to ensuring public safety and broadening the path to prosperity for all Texas families.

In addition to the First Lady’s Report and updates from several of the Governor’s commissions of Texans serving Texans, the Report details the Governor’s decisive actions to secure the border and stop the flow of deadly drugs like fentanyl into our nation. It also highlights the dedication of the men and women in uniform who safeguard our children and help keep our communities safe.

Looking ahead in his closing statement, Governor Abbott notes, "By the grace of God, and with unwavering optimism and a steadfast focus, we will continue to turn bold ideas into reality. Together, we will build a bigger, better Texas for generations to come.”
Read the 2024 Governor's Report to the People of Texas.