Governor Abbott Proclaims September 15-October15, 2023 Hispanic Heritage Month In Texas

September 18, 2023 | Austin, Texas | Proclamation

When Texas was but an uncharted wilderness, intrepid Spaniards voyaged across oceans unknown to pursue glory and honor in the New World.  In so doing, they brought to the continent a bold, adventurous spirit that has survived well into the new millennium.  Taught in Texas classrooms to this day, the epic stories of Spanish explorers, conquistadors, and missionaries form the foundation of Texas folklore as we know it.

Generations later, Spanish colonies throughout the western hemisphere sought freedom in the form of a vibrant new society on the frontier of New Spain: Tejas.  Texians and Tejanos soon fought as one for independence from the Centralist Republic of Mexico during the 1836 Revolution.

The Lone Star has since become the brightest in America, and people of Hispanic descent have played a crucial role in the great Texas Miracle.  Consequently, Latinos have influenced our state at the most fundamental levels.  From achievements in art, literature, and architecture to cultural fusions such as Chicano music and Tex–Mex food, Latin America has given much to the state we know and love.  This spirit of cooperation has fostered an economic climate of unparalleled opportunity, and Texas has long been the best state for Hispanic entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, Hispanic heritage is inseparable from the larger story of Texas and her people.  This legacy spans centuries and highlights some of the most important elements of the Texas experience, but it is perhaps best encapsulated in the individual lives of Hispanic Americans.  Texans have had in First Lady Cecilia Abbott our first Hispanic First Lady, and she has been an inspiration to many.  The grandchild of immigrants from Mexico, she rose through the ranks as an educator and has led many a philanthropic project.  Her life story is one of many that epitomize the great American Dream. 

Each year, a month is set aside in order to acknowledge the ways in which Hispanic Texans have shaped our state for the better.  Residents of Hispanic descent observe their Independence Day; Spanish speakers throughout the hemisphere observe Día de la Raza; and organizations throughout the United States celebrate the rich tapestry of Hispanic cultures.  At this time, I encourage all Texans to reflect upon the living legacy of Hispanic Texans and to reinforce the bonds that transcend ethnicity and unite us as one indivisible people. 

Therefore, I, Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, do hereby proclaim the period from September 15 through October 15, 2023, to be

Hispanic Heritage Month

in Texas and urge all Texans to observe the occasion with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto affixed my signature this 1st day of September, 2023.

Greg Abbott

Governor of Texas

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