First Lady Cecilia Abbott Promotes Texanthropy At Texas Nonprofit Summits

August 5, 2016 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

First Lady Cecilia Abbott traveled to El Paso today to participate in the first of three 2016 Texas Nonprofit Summits. Mrs. Abbott is attending all three summits to speak about her Texanthropy initiative and the importance of volunteerism and service to others. While in El Paso, Mrs. Abbott also visited The Cardwell Collaborative, CASA of El Paso, and the Kelly Memorial Food Pantry to discuss their mission and how to increase local volunteerism from the community.

“Texans are generous by nature, and these summits will bring together nonprofit organizations, business and community leaders, volunteers and others interested in learning how we can work together to help make a difference through service and volunteering,” the First Lady said. “I hope to help inspire more Texans to answer the call to service, to connect Texans with opportunities to volunteer and give back in their own communities or across the state, and to celebrate Texans’ giving spirit year-round. I look forward to working with all Texans to bring together the two things that I am most passionate about — Texas and philanthropy."

The 2016 Texas Nonprofit Summit Series, co-hosted by the OneStar Foundation and local partners, began in El Paso today and will continue at the Rio Grande Valley Summit on August 9th in Edinburg before concluding at the Lubbock Summit on September 15th.

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