The Bluebonnet: The State Flower of Texas

March 7, 2017

Rolling Hill of BluebonnetsThe universal sign that spring has sprung in Texas is the first sighting of bluebonnets on the roadside. While Texas has many beautiful wildflowers, the official favorite is far and above the bluebonnet. Our state’s love for bluebonnets isn’t anything new. Many generations of Texans have adored bluebonnets. In fact, it was on this day over one hundred years ago – March 7, 1901 to be exact – that the Texas legislature proclaimed the bluebonnet the State Flower of Texas. And thanks to a state highway-beautification program where bluebonnet seed was scattered along roadways, year after year, come Spring, Texans get to enjoy their beauty.

As Governor Wilbert Lee “Pappy” O’Daniel once crooned:

“Beautiful, Beautiful Texas,
Where the beautiful bluebonnets grow.”

This spring, whether you’re taking a walk or going for a drive, take a moment to appreciate our state’s beautiful bluebonnets, just like so many Texans before you have done.

Photo courtesy of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.