Recognizing National Adoption Month

November 22, 2019

Two-year-old Sofia was among the first of many children adopted Friday, November 1st, the first day of National Adoption Month. Sofia was welcomed into the home of Nancy Reagan, a College Station resident who adopted Sofia’s biological twin brothers years ago. “When I saw my mom and dad in tears, I’m going to be honest, I almost cried,” said Jacob Reagan, 13. “It moves you a lot knowing that your parents are happy as well.”

Adoption ceremonies are happening throughout the state during the month of November, from the smallest community to major urban areas. On November 7th, 39 children were adopted at a celebration in Travis County. One family adopted EIGHT children, and three separate courtrooms were set aside for the festivities.

That same day, the Child Protection Court of South Texas held its event in Jourdanton with 22 children being adopted into 11 families.

While we celebrate the love and connections forged by these adoptions, it is important to remember there are still nearly 3,200 children in Texas waiting for an adoptive family to step up and be their safe and loving home forever and always. No matter if children are seven or seventeen, the universal truth is that children never outgrow the need for parents.

The theme for National Adoption Month 2019 is “Youth Voices: Why Family Matters”. The majority of us, even as adults, call home or visit our parents on a regular basis and they continue to guide and help us through life. Consider adopting an older youth in need of a family. Although they will soon be adults in the eyes of the law, their need for family does not diminish. Every teen deserves to have a family to come home to and parents to help them navigate the world.

This year, I ask you to join us in celebrating the families and lives that have been made whole through adoption - not just during National Adoption Month, but every month. And, as we celebrate, let’s remember the many children who are still waiting for their forever families. I encourage you to get involved and take the steps to become an adoptive parent. There are children out there who need you. And when you open your heart to a child, you find out just how much you needed them, too.