The Governor’s Business and Community Development Division pursues business expansion and relocation with the goal of developing job creation and export opportunities for Texas. Comprised of three areas, this division is made up of the Department of Strategic Business Development, Department of Business Assistance and the Office Economic Development Finance.

Department of Business Development

The Strategic Business Development Department serves as the conduit to the business recruitment and project management process. This team identifies and develops both domestic and international investment leads and works with prospective companies who are considering locating or expanding in Texas. The department also serves as a vital contributor to the overall mission of the office by assisting in marketing efforts and initiatives in partnership with the Texas Economic Development Corporation.

Department of Business Assistance

The Department of Business Assistance serves businesses of all shapes, sizes and locations that have interested in doing business with or in Texas. This team is responsible for strengthening the competitiveness of Texas’ industries by promoting international trade, small business advocacy, entrepreneurial support, as well as business retention and expansion. This department also houses the State of Texas Mexico Office, which seeks to help Mexican companies enter the Texas market or aid Texas companies looking to do business with or in Mexico. Furthermore, also within this area is the Office of Small Business Assistance, which serves as the principle advocate for small business owners in Texas. This group provides assistance related to establishing, operating or expanding small, midsized, women-owned, minority-owned, disability-owned, or veteran-owned businesses.

Office of Economic Development Finance

The Department of Economic Development Finance provides globally competitive, cost-effective financial tools to expanding businesses operating in the state and businesses relocating to Texas. Programs administered by this office include various grants, financing and tax refund programs which all promote economic development, job creation and capital investment. The office partners with local governments and other entities to deliver programs targeted at small businesses, communities and universities in the state, among other entities.