Free Film and Video Digitization

Individuals and institutions with Texas-related films and videos can receive free digital copies of their materials in exchange for the donation of an electronic copy to the Texas Archive of the Moving Image Video Library.

This service is available by directly contacting the Archive or by submitting material at a Film Round-Up. Once the footage has been digitized, original materials and digital copies will be returned by mail to the owners.


  1. Films or videos must be Texas-related (shot in Texas, shot by a Texan, or the subject matter is about Texas).
  2. Contributions must be free from copyright, or the donor must be willing to grant Texas Archive of the Moving Image and the Texas Film Commission a license for use ( i.e. donor is or donor represents the copyright holder).
  3. No more than 50 films and videos may be contributed per household.

Since its inception in 2008, TMIAP has resulted in the digitization of over 20,000 moving images of the state including home movies, amateur films, advertisements, local television, industrial and corporate productions, as well as Hollywood and internationally produced moving images of Texas.

Further Information
To see if your films and videos qualify for digitization, please contact:

Texas Archive of the Moving Image

Texas Archive of the Moving Image