State Property Use - Request for Use Application

Program Summary & Qualifications

The Texas Film Commission serves as a liaison between various Texas state agencies and inquiring production companies in order to communicate production needs to agency representatives and to preserve and protect respective agency resources and missions. To conduct production activity on state property, a Request for Use Application must be completed with the Texas Film Commission (TFC). This form is only to be used once a Production Company has made the decision to pursue use on a particular state property. Please note, not all state agencies utilize our office to facilitate production requests. For questions regarding the use of state property for filming purposes, please contact the Texas Film Commission.

A production company is only eligible to conduct production activity on a state property if they meet the following requirements:

  • Provide production insurance in the amount required by the desired location that names the State of Texas as an additionally insured. Insurance requirements may be found below.
  • The project must be a film, television, commercial, or still shoot for educational, industrial, or commercial purposes.
  • The company must be able to financially reimburse the state agency for costs incurred during production activity. These anticipated costs will be communicated to the production company by the appropriate state agency.

The content of the project must not be pornographic in nature, as defined by Texas Penal Code §3.21.

Application Process

  1. All applications must be received a minimum of three business days prior to commencement of production activity at the desired location, and must include a certificate of liability insurance showing amounts and types of coverage mandated by the State of Texas—please budget accordingly for this coverage as outlined below in Section 3 of Program Definitions.
  2. Once an application is submitted, the TFC shall email the Applicant notifying them that their application has been received.
  3. The TFC may contact the Applicant to verify that all the information on the application is correct.
  4. The TFC and the state agency governing the Applicant's desired location will determine feasibility of the request based on location availability, description of production activity, and the location capabilities. The state agency governing the location does have final approval of use of their location.
  5. Following that determination, the TFC will request the required certificate of insurance as outlined below from the applicant. If the production is unable to meet the insurance requirements, the request will be denied. If insurance meets the requirements and the state agency has approved activity, TFC will notify the applicant the request is approved.
  6. The TFC will work with the state agency to draw up a location agreement between the state agency and the production company. The state agency will provide the location agreement to the production company directly.
  7. Once production has wrapped, the TFC will work with the state agency to provide a notification of reimbursable costs to the production company. The production company must provide payment to the state agency no later than the 21st day after the date listed on the notification of reimbursable costs.

Program Definitions

  1. "Production activity" includes any activity in which the production company engages while on location, including, but not limited to, location preparation (prep), filming, parking, catering, and location wrap (wrap). Dates of use include days when any production activity will be taking place.
  2. State property" is any location owned and operated by the State of Texas for public or private use. "Desired location" is the building or grounds a Production Company is applying to use.
  3. "Production insurance" is a financial transaction between a Production Company and an external company securing all responsibility of damages and accidents while on location to the Production Company. "Certificate of liability insurance" is the paper record showing the Production Company has purchased insurance, the dollar amount insured, and who is insured under the policy. Each Certificate of liability insurance furnished by a Production Company shall reflect the coverage amounts required by the desired location, but such coverage amounts shall in no event, be lower than the following:
    • $1 million in Commercial General Liability, including bodily injury and property damage.
    • $1,000,000 of umbrella coverage (Please note, this coverage requirement can be cost prohibitive for some projects, we encourage productions to get an insurance quote to determine if their budget allows for this coverage.)
    • $1 million Automobile Liability including bodily injury and property damage.
    • Workers' Compensation coverage in accordance with statutory limits and employers' liability with limits of $100,000 bodily injury for each accident, $100,000 bodily injury by disease and $500,000 policy limit covering all personnel who provide services.
      • In the event that the Production Company is self-insured for Workers' Compensation coverage, it can provide written documentation of this fact on company letterhead, signed by an officer.
    • Each policy must include a waiver of subrogation, unless waived in writing by the Texas Film Commission.
    • Dependent upon the state agency and location, the TFC will communicate any additional insurance requirements.

Please fill in all applicable fields below. Fields marked with * are required. Your application cannot be submitted unless all required fields are completed.


Project Information

Title *   Classification *
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  • narrative
  • documentary
  • experimental
  • animated
  • episodic series
  • miniseries
  • television movie ("MOW")
  • television episode
  • television pilot
(less than 30 minutes)
  • commercial
  • commercial series
  • infomercial
  • interstitial
  • music video
  • still photo shoot
  • public service announcement
(30 minutes or less)
  • narrative short
  • documentary short
  • experimental short
  • animated short
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Management Information


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State Property Information

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Applicant Information

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 * By checking this box and clicking "Submit Application," I certify that the information provided in this application along with any pertinent information included in accompanying materials is true, correct, and complete. Any submission of false information may be subject to penalties. Additionally, I confirm that I have read and consent to the Temporary Use of State Buildings and Grounds by Television or Film Production Companies Rules and Requirements as outlined by the Texas Film Commission found in the Texas Administrative Code DZ22.1-122.11, and understand that this does not guarantee that I will be able to use my desired location for production activity.

If you have any questions, please contact the Texas Film Commission.