Location Services


Looking for locations in Texas? From iconic western landscapes to contemporary urban settings, our extensive internal location database features photographs from thousands of locations throughout the state and allows us to create digital photo location packages customized for your project. Tell us what you're looking for and our experienced production department will help you find it in Texas.

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The Texas Film Commission works collaboratively with LocationsHub, a public-facing searchable online database, to showcase a wide range of statewide locations to productions interested in filming in Texas. While there may be some locations that are only available in our internal database, LocationsHub is a great start in your search for the perfect Texas filming location. 

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Submit Your Property for Films
Do you own or represent a location in Texas that you would like to make available for filming? Add your property to our location database.


City, county and state offices may require permits to film on publicly-owned properties including roads, sidewalks, government buildings and parks. Our production department can provide assistance in connecting with the appropriate office to inquire about the permit process for locations in which you are interested.


State Property Use
If you are interested in filming on property owned and / or operated by the State of Texas, the Texas Film Commission should be your first call. We can help you determine which locations best suit the needs of your project, navigate the rules and restrictions for filming on the property and serve as a liaison to the appropriate state agency.

Regional Film Commissions
The regional film commissions located in multiple production hubs throughout Texas are a great local resource with thorough knowledge of the crew, vendors and support services in their areas. They can also provide additional assistance with locations and permits in their jurisdictions.

Film Friendly Texas Communities
Our network of film friendly communities connects filmmakers with production-savvy representatives in towns and cities statewide. From permits to vendors, these communities are ready to assist productions and provide information about the resources available in their area.


Please call the Texas Film Commission at 512-463-9200 and ask to speak with a representative in our production department for more information about the location services provided by our office.