Pyrotechnic & Flame Effect Licensing

Pyrotechnic Special Effects Operator License

A person who assembles, conducts and supervises the use of pyrotechnic devices in the presence of a proximate audience must obtain a state Pyrotechnic Special Effects Operator’s license.

A proximate audience is defined as “spectators whose primary purpose is to view the performance,” and may include anyone on set including non-professional actors, extras and workers other than the film crew. Theatrical, musical and indoor performing arts that include the use of pyrotechnics are also included in this category.

Flame Effects Operator License

A person who assembles, conducts or supervises flame effects before an audience must obtain a state Flame Effects Operator’s license.

Examination & License Fees

The license application and $45.00 license fee should not be submitted until the examination has been successfully completed. Background checks are performed on all applicants, and the license will not be issued until the check is satisfactorily completed. The background check will take longer if the applicant has not been a Texas resident for the past ten years.

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Further Information
For more information about pyrotechnic and flame effect licensing, please contact:

State Fire Marshal’s Office
Fireworks Licensing Technician