Film Friendly Texas Highlights

Lockhart, Texas & HBO's "The Leftovers"

  • In 2016, the Film Friendly certified community of Lockhart, TX served as the key filming location for HBO’s TV series THE LEFTOVERS.
  • Lockhart was chosen as a filming destination for a wide range of reasons including its historic downtown and restored courthouse, its proximity to Austin and its rich production history as a Film Friendly, production savvy community.
  • Leading up to and during the course of production, THE LEFTOVERS was responsible for generating some 1.5 million dollars of direct economic impact to Lockhart’s local economy.
  • Creating more than 300 local hires, THE LEFTOVERS spent 40 days of prep/ construction in Lockhart, 45 days of filming on-location in Lockhart and 10 days wrapping/ striking production.
  • THE LEFTOVER’s total spend in the greater Austin area was impactful, totaling to more than $30 million dollars.

Waco, Texas & HGTV's "Fixer Upper"

  • The Film Friendly certified community of Waco, TX has reported that the HGTV show FIXER UPPER’s Magnolia Market in Waco has drawn some 1.1 million visitors to the Waco area per year.
  • HGTV show FIXER UPPER’s Magnolia Market in Waco currently accounts for 59% of the Waco area’s annual visitation. On an average basis, this breaks down to Magnolia Market receiving roughly 22,000 visitors per week.

Rusk and Palestine, Texas & NBCUniversal's "Revolution"

  • In 2014, the Film Friendly certified communities of Rusk and Palestine, TX served as featured locations for NBC Universal’s hit TV show REVOLUTION.
  • Rusk and Palestine were chosen as filming destinations due to the area’s historic Texas State Railroad and Film Friendly community contacts.
  • Aside from Palestine, during the course of production REVOLUTION also filmed in the film friendly certified communities of: Austin, Bastrop, Blanco, Buda, Cedar Park, Elgin, Granger, Lockhart & Taylor