Film Friendly Texas Workshops


Attendance of a Film Friendly Texas workshop by a community representative, who will then go on to serve as the community’s point-of-contact for film inquiries, is one of the three required steps for Film Friendly certification. Most communities will choose a member of their city or county government, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or Economic Development Corporation.

There is a $99 registration fee for the workshop and it is the only charge for participation in the Film Friendly Texas program. The one-day Film Friendly workshop will address topics including:

  • An overview of the Texas media production industries
  • Film as a means of Economic Development
  • How film locations are chosen
  • What to expect when working with different types of productions
  • Expediting film inquiries
  • Use of public property for filming locations
  • Location agreements, production insurance and neighbor notification documents
  • How to create effective filming guidelines for your community
  • Film Friendly Certified community case studies