About Film Friendly Texas

Generating Potential Economic Impact

Through the Film Friendly training and certification process, statewide communities are prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges of accommodating media productions and are readied to help match local businesses with production-related needs and services.

On-location filming activity stimulates local economies by creating jobs for Texas-based crew members and local residents. On-location filming activity generates on-site spending on local goods and services to small businesses. This type of economic development includes but is not limited to: lodging, catering, transportation, location fees, lumber and construction supplies, local hires and more.

Extensive Network of Film Communities

The Texas Film Commission’s extensive network of Film Friendly Certified Communities is an invaluable asset that positions Texas as a premier destination for media industry business. With one email, the Texas Film Commission can distribute location requests and casting calls to statewide community representatives, providing a thorough level of customer service to filmmakers and community stakeholders alike.

The Film Friendly Texas Program provides the Texas Film Commission with the opportunity to establish a working relationship with statewide communities, while simultaneously creating a network of production-savvy community representatives statewide who are eager to work with filmmakers and can hit the ground running when contacted about filming in their area.

The Film Friendly Texas Program ensures that each certified community has demonstrated can meet the needs of residents and visitors alike, providing a mutually beneficial, positive experience for all parties involved while accommodating on-location filming activity. Creating a vast network of statewide Film Friendly certified communities fosters repeat business and emboldens Texas’ reputation as a renowned international filming destination.